Ollie Eskriett

Graphic Design & Illustration 


Who am I?

I am a graphic designer by trade, a creative by heart.

A brief history…

I grew up with a pencil in my hand, scribbling on everything from freshly painted walls (sorry mum) to paper and canvas.

While my twin brother and sister would rather read books, I’d rather sit and draw until my imagination had run dry and my fingers began to blister.

Going through school I knew I wanted to do something creative as a career, I thought of going down many different avenues from painting to photography and picked up a few national awards along the way which included having an oil painting hang within a London RBA exhibition.

It was when I undertook an Art and Design foundation degree at Oxford Brookes University that I fell in love with graphic design and knew this was the path for me to venture down. Bringing text and image together in a creative an informative way intrigued me and carries on to do so.

I took this interest further and studied Graphic Communications with Typography at Plymouth University. Learning the ins and outs of typography, structure for print & digital and how to communicate messages in the right tone of voice.

While studying my degree, I was one of three to be chosen to work with the University to develop a new way finding system for their library. We were guided by a local design practise Toucan, which is also how I landed my first design job. I was offered a junior position and worked my way up. The two year period gave me a solid foundation, I learn’t a lot about the industry, liaising with clients, printers and web developers.

What I do today

To earn my bread and butter I work as a graphic designer for Complete Property and run Move, a graphic design business along side. Complete has four Estate agent branches across Teignbridge and run a land & new homes business, working with Housing developers big and small to sell new homes.

My job is to produce branded material for Complete, and to make sure that every advert, brochure and piece of marketing material that goes out into the big wide world is coherent with the Complete brand. I also work with developers producing identities for their new sites, and creating all of the material to help sell their new homes, such as hoarding, brochures, adverts, environmental graphics, signage, window cards and anything else we can think of to help promote their developments.

All about Move.

Move is in its infancy but is growing strong at a steady pace. it’s a graphic design business run by myself with the backing and support from those behind Complete. Working with local business I am providing my graphic design services at an honest rate. Unlike a lot of design studios that want to take an initial brief from you and run into their lair until they have produce a final product to what they believe you want. I will sit down with you and gain your valuable input at different stages, as you will know your audience and sector better than anyone else.

to find out more about Move and the services that we can provide, go to www.movedesign.co.uk

If you would Like to see my current work visit move, or if you would like a pdf portfolio, feel free to contact me via ollie@ollieeskriett.com or send me a linkedin message.